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We present our machines for cardboards, control scales and other packing devices

We invite to see photos of our jobs. Majority of them presents our machines, which have been started up in our customers' plants. Remarkable thing is type and the dimension of the particular machines, especially in the situation, where flow packs, machines for cartons or packing lines have to be correctly sized. Furthermore, we present the way, in which our machines are executing given tasks. It is a substantial factor, for example in terms of information regarding type of feeders, components and control scales, which were used for particular project. We have also put photos of the prototypes, which we are continuously developing in order to depict some of the new solutions, which can simply automise next processes related to products' packing. For more information we encourage you to contact us.

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Break bulk table

Cartoning machines

Cartoning machine with cardboard's feeder

Flow Pack

Flow Pack

Flow Pack Prime 400

Economic cartoning machine

Automatic cartoning machine

Semi-automatic cartoning machine

Flow Pack

Cardboard's folding machine

System with three conveyors

Cardboard's sticking machine

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