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NOVA 500

Machine for products’ bagging



We are pleased to introduce you to our new product, the NOVA 500 vertical packaging machine. NOVA 500 is ideal for packing a wide range of product types into plastic bags. The machine, dispensing a roll of film, automatically forms a pouch to be filled with the product, and then seals and cuts it off to result in a finished packaging. The machine will be perfect for any industry, for packaging products such as electrical components, plastic parts, all kinds of plumbing fittings, dowels, screws, gaskets and many others. With its expanded capabilities, it can also serve as a stand-alone batching line, equipped with vibrating feeders, conveyors, confectioning tables or checkweighers. Its adaptation to work with both polyethylene and polypropylene film is an undoubted advantage. The machine is equipped with top-notch industrial automation components, and all structural components made in house using CNC machining technology. Our production process is an assurance of high-quality workmanship and extraordinary reliability.


The optimization of the NOVA 500’s dimensions has resulted in the smallest size among the available vertical packaging machines, with a height of only 710mm! This allows for great flexibility locating the machine, as it easily fits under a confection table. Modern solutions and functionality of NOVA 500 can completely automate and speed up the process of packaging products, which will directly translate into savings and efficiency. We invite you to learn more about the specifications and capabilities of NOVA 500.

Technical data

  • automation by Siemens,
  • software designed in-house by Tarpak,
  • user friendly language interface
  • option to control peripheral equipment, including: vibration bowls, hopper feeders, checkweighers, counting systems, conveyors, from the internal interface,
  • various modes of operation: automatic, semi-automatic, manual,,
  • innowacyjny system antykolizyjny zgrzewu poprzecznego,
  • option to dispense product on open and closed jaws
  • option to program bag length, dispensing time,
  • option to program the number of bags to be made,
  • bag production cycle counter,,
  • quiet and efficient operation,
  • no need for compressed air supply in the basic version,
  • compact size,
  • made in Poland by a family-owned company,

Optional features

  • bag shaking, for lightweight products,,
  • semi-automatic cycle foot switch,
  • option to double pack in bags of different length,
  • option to pack in a connected bag sleeve with perforated seals,
  • thermal transfer / inkjet printing,
  • labeler,
  • mobile frame with 0-45° machine tilt adjustment,
  • automatic film support for heavy objects,
  • film perforation,
  • receiving conveyor,


weight (kg) 50
length (mm) 1030
width (mm) 760
height (mm) 800
film width (mm) 150-500
bag length (mm) 65 – ∞
film type PE
power supply 230V, 50Hz, 1kW
en_GBEnglish (UK)