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Machine for products’ bagging

LV300 is a machine to bagging, which has a standard turbus for foil's forming to given dimensions. In this way we can pack products in pouches with different sizes.

Technical data

  • Turbus for foil’s forming: standard (dimensions to specify)
  • Mechanism to hold roll with the foil
  • Software in Polish language
  • Diagnostic messages for all functions
  • Applied foil: PE (LDPE), PE – antistatic, PE – protection against corrosion
  • Multilayered foils, other foils need to be confirmed by manufacturer
  • Length’s regulation of the bag in mm
  • Operation mode automatic/manual – selection buttons
  • Emergency button of transversal thermal welding system
  • Possibility of packagings’ filling in closed system of transversal thermal welding transfer
  • Thermal system’s monitoring
  • Modular construction with possibility of extension.

Optional features

  • Creation of packagins’ chain (a few pieces depending on settings)
  • Creation of double packagings (depending on settings)
  • Regulation of the time of products’ fall
  • Adjustable time of welding’s cooling.
  • Manual switch-off
  • Internal counter of created packagings.
  • Serial interface for PC
  • Software to control the machine from PC (adjusted to requirements of the customer)


Pouches' width (mm) 30 – 150
Pouches' length 40 – ∞
Max foil's width (mm) 60-300
Foil's thickness range (µm) 30-150
Throughput Up to 30 poaches/min
maszyny pionowe
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