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COMPACT Depalletizer ROBOT

A machine, which is fully automated and economic solution providing lowering costs of unpacking products directly from a pallet.

Compact Depalletizer Robot is based on strong and efficient frame made of stainless steel AISI304 with high class 5 motors mounted enabling fully automatic unloading a pallet from the products.


Efficient depaletization


Unpacking a pallet is a process which can be highly optimized. Depalletization is prepared by a compact robot that can save time and money. This kind of depalletizers are fully automated that significantly lowers cost of their exploitation.



Basic information

This kind of depalletizer is made to handle glass botlles and optionally for glass jars and cans.
Handling is very easy as deploying a pallet in designated area and remove foil. Depalletization goes in an automatic way so handling by a worker is not needed.
Construction is prepared from stainless steel


Max length (mm) 4000
Max width (mm) 3900
Max height (mm) 3800
Performance 6000 bottles/h (depends on the product)
Max pallet height 2100

Depalletizer - types of packaging allowed

This is how depalletizer works in practice:

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