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Counting and packaging lines

Advanced packing and counting lines along with packaging machines

Our counting and packaging lines are constructed according to individual preferences of the customer and specific product. Most frequently built counting and packaging line contains hopper with feeder for given product, vibrating bowl, mini-conveyor, counting sensors and vertical packaging machines. Each line can be equipped with additional elements: index conveyors, control scales, printers, automatic controller of vibrator’s operation with vibration’s sensor and other break bulk systems. Packaging process begins at the moment, when hopper is loaded with material. From this point elements are transported to vibration bowls, from which they are further moved on linear mini-conveyors. Vibrating bowls are equipped with sensors, which control level of filling continuously. Counting of elements is held at the end of the linear transporter, where light curtain is installed. Counted elements are put inside pouches. Size of pouch, speed of part’s fall and kind of thermal welding can be regulated at choice. Ready pouches with counted elements can be transported for further packaging. Control system of the line is based on Siemens (German manufacturer) PLC drivers and self-made software of TARPAK company. In this way our packaging lines significantly influences optimization times, which is needed to pack fine products.

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