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Vertical cartoning machine

Vertical packaging machine is a way
to easier and smoother packing.

Technical data

Vertical packaging system allows for facilitated infeed to the cardboard additional elements (leaflets, brochures).


Vertical cartoning machine S15 working in continuous mode was designed in order to pack versatile products in single small cardboard (sticked in advance).


Small cardboard can be closed with symmetrical or asymmetrical covers, sticked or latched. S15V gives a possibility to pack products inside small cardboards within a wide range. It is an unusually innovative and interesting solution.


Our vertical cartoning machine has one of the widest format ranges available on the market. Facilitated access makes all operations on the machine (regulations, maintenance, cleaning) really easy!


Machine is entirely automised with one motor, which gives the transmission to all cams.

Technical data

  • PLC control
  • Ease of service and maintenance
  • Quick changeover ability
  • Closing small cardboards with symmetrical or asymmetrical covers (closed or sticked)

Optional features

  • Infeed system is projected individually to packed product
  • Labelling device
  • Unit to infeed brochures/leaflets
  • Printing device
  • Hot-sticked device
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